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KIK Investments


Founded in 1965 as the Dowel Partnership Group, a family owned real estate company, KIK Investments has committed itself to build on the lasting and respected reputation of Dowel and is now poised for growth under the guidance of the next generation of principals. Originally a build and hold company, its current focus is securing enhanced yield through the acquisition and repositioning of transitional and distressed properties. Over the last 10 years, current management has successfully acquired and repositioned hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial product and has expanded its core competencies in the process. Holdings have included over 1 million square feet of office, industrial, retail and multi-family real estate and hundreds of acres of developable ground. In addition, KIK’s capital markets efforts include the active management of significant positions in equities, debt and alternative investment vehicles.

The Company enjoys the benefit of a large portfolio of investment grade holdings and the extensive experience of its executives and affiliates. KIK’s experience, knowledge of and involvement within the real estate community has allowed it to cultivate and maintain outstanding relationships within the industry. The principals are founding and current members of many real estate and philanthropic organizations. These long term relationships and their multi-faceted experience enable KIK to create select opportunities, maximize its assets’ productivity and positively impact the communities in which it invests.